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  1. indeed t'was a good night. nice to hav met u guys. Thumbs up to Marco for orgynizing it.. look forward to the next.. cheers!
  2. eh.. so long u MIA.. last few times u no show.. gpZ done yet? KAt still waiting to cruize... now lookin for TZr?? how many u want? =p
  3. Thanx! I tink so too!! hehe.. now experimenting with 4 in 2 staintunes..
  4. If I'm not wrong, most of these if not all belong to Guy Consigliere.
  5. This is Norman's(Racewerks) bike. RG400 walterwolf... not sure if he's sold it out but doubt so...
  6. correct me if I' worng but diz looks like Ah Siong's bike...
  7. hey there,

    may i know whr to view/deal? able to neg $150?




    robin 97487980

  8. wud be gr8 if u gents cud post us a peeky of ur lovely GSs... ain't worth jack without pics...
  9. Hey IceZ, thanx fer d input... cheers!
  10. Hi, Tryin my luck to see if there's anyone letting go their rear luggage rack for 883c. do gimme a shout at 97487980. cheers!
  11. Foowah... chop ppl put fire... makes my KAt sound like kup kia...
  12. Hi,


    My brother is interested in your bike. He has tried callin u but somehow can't seem to get thru. Could you perhaps give him a shout at 96971701(Roy). My nbrs 97487980 just incase you can't get him..





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