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  1. ...................................

  2. So anyone note down the number plate of the S4?
  3. JB lor.. How much will depend on what u mod & what CDI u buy... Shd be less there S$150 bah..
  4. Actually if can tow to singapore custom, ask ur friend to help or u just push to malaysia custom, From there u can call ur reliable JB Shop, say u r at the malaysia custom & bike cannot start, from there they will tow ur bike to their shop.. **I know Long Heng at AGL there they got their own transport to bring ur bike to their shop, other shop i'm not sure.. Seen ppl done it b4, thus share with u the process..
  5. Taken mine from SSDC, During TP, No immediate failure means 95% will pass..
  6. Open up ur letter box everyday to see if there's any letter.. Within a month if there isnt any means dun have already.. Just pray hard though..
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