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  1. I think is all based on luck .....u can buy lousy motorbike from both motordiam and direct seller also. It is only if things go wrong u can go back motordiam complain kpkb they do it up for you if they are good...........if u kenna those sebeh jialat one they will ask u pay as they blame it on u who spoil e bike even though they knew they sold u a lemon............as for direct seller once name transfer they bochap already u are on your own.
  2. Bought a RVF400 in this shop paid in full end up ride back tmr cannot start.......i went to my usual mechanic at geylang ...worker strip opened said inside the rectifier is for 250cc bike i'm like wad??? of course cannot charge back fully to tong your bike........end up pay again for a new rvf rectifier......tell myself nvr going back there....juz my personal experience.
  3. hi mighty max,


    im a newbie for track would like to follow you guys for gudang trip..when you guys going kindly text me..kiansiong here 9222-1775..many thanx.

  4. r u ehonda..im ah leow:cheeky:

  5. hi.. i would like to create a new thread to sell my bike under Used Bike Section.. but im unable to create the thread as it stated that i do not have the permission to do so..


    Could u help me?


    thanks alots..

  6. Hi _sOnG, I am unable to create a new thread to sell my bike under used bike section.. the message I get is that i do not have the permission..


    Can u help ?


    Many Thanks!

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