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  1. Hey,


    Messaging you here just in case you changed your number. My fiancee googled my bike's plate number and found your thread. I'm the owner of FW8565S. I haven't been logging on here for a bit, and missed your post. You probably don't have my seat anymore, but I would just like to thank you for the spirit and initiative you took when you found it.


    Thank you!

  2. lol i now then see this msg...u still need me to reply? this new website a lot of things i now then start to explore -.-

  3. Hi Metalfyre, i read your post on "newbie's guide to bikes" it was very informative and helpful. Thanks for the post.

    I have a few questions i would like to ask you.

    1) What are the differences between the CB400's Specs eg. SpecII, SpecIII, and S ect..

    2) What is that noise coming from the CB400 when it rides by, sounds like a loose chain, is that healthy?


    Thanks :thumb:

  4. You think me too upz liao la dude....I'm not a bike encyclopedia leh...still got lots to learn and all these technical jargon is But since you see me so upz...i try try lah WAHAHAHAH. (The rest I assume is true. Bro Mumduh...you're damn pro man..! Upz la hahaha!) anyhow pom oso can...who knows some ppl believe me, tot i'm damn zhai n also start to see me upz...
  5. you put a GPR and remove the baffle...any 2A bike sure loud one
  6. get a friend to help you lift up the rear wheel..then lube.
  7. check: -rear wheel bearing -chain tension and lube -engine for vacuum cleaner
  8. honda this year hard to hooga...their 08 CBR600 is too sweet...
  9. It depends on where the snap occurs. Depending on the circumstances, can still pull the cable or the switch to disengage clutch so you can kick to neutral and push.
  10. Your tire pressure may be too high. If you want to test your bearings, prop your bike up on a jack or a paddock stand, and try to shake the wheel front and back. If it moves, your bearings are shot. 2k is for oil change ba. Full servicing normally every 10k. Includes a plug change, air filter check/change, possibly washing your carbs if they're giving you grief. If the clutch cable snaps while riding, find the earliest opportunity to move over to the roadside and stop. If engine is not running...meaning what? Engine off? Or idling waiting at traffic light?
  11. i go 200 front 220 rear...coz i think phantom has a crappy tire selection, so lowering the pressure gives me more grip, hopefully.
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