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  1. bro. ur inbox full. i wanna trade my suzuki k7 750. if u interested. would u mind sms me instead as i seldom come online. 91294442. thanks bro

  2. sms me at 91294442. wanna see ur s4

  3. sms me at 91294442 if u still selling ur fbc s4

  4. Hi. U r? U said vouch for me. Thanks

  5. Is that ur revo or someone else. Btw. If its urs. Pm me ok ur contact. Ty

  6. Bro. If u selling ur revo. Pm me ok. Ur contact. Thanks alot. Interested

  7. Bro. Pm me if u selling the spec 3. If thats ur bike. Thanks. I wanna downgrade

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