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  1. hhaahaha....de u must prepare a list on do's n dont's for a bike de... de Mr Guru will actually share with u de pointers in depth when de bike is in front de.. (sounds like him de)
  2. Where the hell have u been sarge!! or where the hell have i been? this Sunday meet up!! onZ?!
  3. if i maxbg, my nick sure will be maxbg lah... I LeonHaslam....and yes...i'm LEONHASLAM Today i cant come lah...got hot date with a chick who expose nice pink thong when sitting on bike dont Stomp me hor keep calling me traitor if i traitor, i wont be still here with my good R1 Kakis....right Lo-On? enjoy the outing guys! hope to join future R1ders outing again!
  4. can wear suit and ride for meet up?
  5. ahahahahah!!! told u he wear jeans aredy.....so now u're talking Mr Guru!
  6. where u heading up my good man?
  7. Guru!! U should recommend him to wear suit waaaat.... :slapforehead: if u loose em, u'll be Ball - less Fly, i tot Lo-On is crazy....u're worst! you should Capitalize the "PLAY" instead of "them" I guess u need not explain how you're gonna "PLAY" the Buah-Play right?
  8. If u are a SBWer, then that makes 4 of us that i know of and u too? then there 5 of us
  9. BDTS?? Bukak dada tanya selera?? (kalau lapar) BMCH?? Bukak mulot cakap Haa?? (Anak bapak) BBTB?? Bukak buku tekun belajar?? BSCH?? Bukak seluar cakap Hi??
  10. skarang JS dan MBM dah makin berleluasa....kita bukak company baru k? cakap ok?
  11. hey Guru, i work Changi oso leh!! but u wont see me zoom pass u lah..cuz i ride X1 (keep left) I experienced the same prob as u too...the stupid coolant leaked thru the excess tube each time i park my bike (i notice) hot smokey coolant dripping on the floor....went for check up and my mech changed the radiator cap..he told me that the cap cant keep the radiator pressurized cuz its spoilt....correct me if i'm wrong....
  12. actually Honda not bad u know....i watched the sportbikes comparisons on youtube, Honda got the top list in-line with the BMW1000RR.... kinda say like honda trashed the other sportbikes eh? anyway, (just my preference) I will still go for the bike i'm attracted most...like a babe attractor? may i know what brand is the battery? yea, have reached till 106DegC on the 04 R1 before...the fan will bring it down... 120+ on a Gixxer600? he'll screw his nuts and cook it for sure bet Lo-on metal balls will turn into liquid if that happens that's crazy! guess his radiator have no wat
  13. UAreTheMan! Lets go green and help the earth? Singapore Green Summit – 11th Aug 2011 http://sma.sg/?/calendar/show/singapore-green-summit-2011-gala-lunch Singapore G1 (Green One) on the 2nd to 3rd Sept 2011 http://www.sec.org.sg/community/greentransport Lets say U and me sandwitched between Yishun and Woodlands? haha!
  14. selamat pagi!! ni mcm saper yg ader? sapar nak main sembunyik sembunyik? saper nak main gletek gletek? ang kat tangan!! smalam aku nampak lorry transport company M.B.M!! Amcm? Explain sket?
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