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  1. I am looking to sell my PML version Aug 2016 BMW R1200 GSA. Bike has been completely paid off and is not on loan, buyer will need to arrange own loan etc. In case you are interested, please contact me at 90623264. Registered : Aug'16 Registration Number : FBL x00x U COE Expiry Date : 24Aug'26 Road Tax Expiry Date : 24Feb'2019 Mileage : 8.5K Accessories: * 3 panniers * Crashbar * Cruise Control * Keyless Ignition Price : 43.5K , open to reasonable negotiation - looking to let go ASAP Reason for sale : No time for trips, leaving Singapore in December
  2. I tried it (S4 revo) also. The biggest surprise for me was the balance and the handling. The bike felt like a part of my body - that was the biggest difference for me between Pulsar and Revo. The weight and power after a certain point are useless - obviously I did not test the power as was inside the driving center.
  3. SSDC and S4 it is then!! They have sheltered area also, so no need to soak in the rain. Starting today
  4. Bro, did you take yours at CDC? Do you know what bikes are they using? And also, can register for the TP Practical immediately upon enrollment, or need to complete all theory/pracrtical before registering for TP?
  5. Hey, I am interested in purchasing your TA 200. Is the price negotiable? Cos less than 2 years left on bike, your price looks high. And also, is it possible to vet the bikedown to Novena someday for viewing or does it have to be Jurong? Please give me a call at 92479461 to discuss.

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