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  1. Thanks for your reply , so the answer is Can or Cannot?
  2. http://i125.photobucket.com/albums/p65/Alexander4965/Combine03.jpg Can anyone tell me if Harley Sporters 1200 /883 can custom to this gear lever? Any idea how much is it to mod it? Mostly i saw are the normal ones.
  3. sorry hee wrong words .... erm how about loud music?
  4. If i get a harley next time , how do i keep my harley from making Noise pollution if i am living in HDB's? SE consider soft?
  5. kiamh , maybe you should keep away the road tax
  6. any one have idea how much a 2nd hand roadking cost now? maybe any plate? was planning some financal budget for my class 2 cheers
  7. have to try your luck man , i saw one in yishun industrial last time , now i guess no more liao . maybe can try there again ?
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