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  1. Good day to all! I’ve been riding kymco xciting 400 for the past 5 years. I’m 1.79m and ever since I had changed to this bike, I’m been having backache for quite some time. Was wondering if any existing tall riders can intro some comfy scooters to me. Much thanks in advance😊🙏🏼
  2. I was quoted $300 for renting a beetle(inclusive of delivery and pick up) is it cheap? 6pm to 6pm.
  3. call of duty finest hour

    medal of honor rising sun

    GTA vicecity stories

    worms 3d

    super puzzle bobble 2

    NFS underground 2

    metal slug 3

    NFS most wanted

    need for speed(prostreet)

    NFS carbon

    sword of samurai

    metal slug anthology

    god of war

    naruto accel 2,

    mortal kombat shaolin monks

    clock tower 3, the great escape

    final fantasy X-2, FFx-2 international + last mission,

    burnout 3

    maximo vs army of zin,

    call of duty finest hour

  4. hi, pls send me your address so i send out to you

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