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  1. Good day to all!


    I’ve been riding kymco xciting 400 for the past 5 years. I’m 1.79m and ever since I had changed to this bike, I’m been having backache for quite some time. Was wondering if any existing tall riders can intro some comfy scooters to me. Much thanks in advance😊🙏🏼

  2. Hi, I got a set of the new INO 2 for sale. Its white in color and comes with black flip cover. Date of purchase is on 28.01.2014. Set comes with 2 batteries and warranty. Reason for selling as I bought two for myself and wife but she prefer phone with camera. Selling at below retail price of $290. Interested please whatsapp/SMS/pm me at 97909640. Picture not available as it is in sealed pack. Please kindly google for picture and spec. Thank you and cheers!



  3. Originally posted by smiley73@Dec 13 2006, 12:51 PM

    my suspension bolt need special tool unscrew out plus the condition now rusty i prefer mech to hander this job. FYI my suspension got stolen b4 + bolt. no longer original. hope you understand.


    I just think mass $190 w/o install gain the most is the guys who sell u the product.

    i drop by west area to fix it


    If everything swee swee i oso can do it myself. simple job

    agree, we go HC there its only 200+ and everything the mech do swee swee for u. if anything wrong still can go back shop

  4. Originally posted by Goose@Dec 23 2005, 10:30 AM

    Yup its honda original robbery control system. It is totally different from HISS. HISS is just only the immobilizer, recognise key only. It detects vibration, moving, shaking, etc all are in one alarm. So if they tried to use strength to open a bolt or nut, the bike will shake and alarm goes off.



    use http://www.worldlingo.com/en/websites/url_translator.html for translation.


    But Boon Siew is not doing the importing or installing because the request is not enough. I would like to encourage those who are interested like me in the alarm, please lets all request and install it. We can put a stop to all theft and stop worrying one day wake up with parts missing.

    vibration, shaking, moving will trigger the alarm? then if loud thunder, people accidently touch, then how? will it drain my batt or not...

  5. Originally posted by globalvtec@Oct 9 2005, 10:43 AM

    hmm duckit..tot of changing the sproket dats y im learning..hehehe..


    so saniboy..easy or not wheelie on super4 or u juz did a pop(juz bring it up n go down straight away)?share la how u do...


    buzzbeam!!put box behind juz to wheelie!!?!?hehehe..like dat cheating liao!hahaha..but the idea was there..only it look strangely unique wheelie a bike wif box..hehehe


    wah daijiro..the first video clip wheelie was like an inspiration..but u haf to put the 2nd one ah!?now balls abit shrink..hahhaha..but a good example!THANKS...and yes..practice makes perfect...n if possible dont drop the bike..muahahha


    yah whisperer..thanks for the advice..i noe dat the engine can get stress n gives problem in future..but sumtimes i wonder..if engine cant stand to withstand stressful events then like dat wats the point of building it.rite??anyway..all things in life haf its limit..we juz need not to overlimit them..but then again,i tink its better to save all the trouble by not doing anything..watch people wheelie better..hahhaha..Thanks for the advice again.. (",)

    you can do it!!! :thumb:

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