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  1. FBF plate. COE registration : 5th Dec 2011 to 4th Dec 2021 Road tax : till 4th June 2017 Inspection cleared : till 4th Dec 2017 Milleage: 28800km Servicing receipts all available for proof and they are done in ASPhoon. Full servicing done. New engine oil and oil filter. (With receipt to proof) New Michelin front and rear tyres. (With receipt to proof) Engine condition 10/10. Contact: Joe 91549915 Price is negotiable. $6100 Viewing in SengKang only..
  2. sure sure! anytime mann! how's guoren? also haven seen him since a long time
  3. ooo. roger that sir! the 10w40 means what huh? it was printed on the eo's bottle. wondering what kind of specification is that. nv go?
  4. forum seems so quiet these days.....................
  5. Guys, when changing engine oil for your bikey, did the mechanic pour the whole new bottle of engine oil into your engine? or he never pour the whole bottle in? The mechanic who changed my engine oil didn't pour the whole bottle in, as he said the bike will be heavier if pour all in...........thus got some remaining engine oil in the bottle not used.
  6. hmmm. we used the same 2t and 4t. superman? agree. Little dragon? Little dragon with fast throttle, open endcan, open stomach. Still considered little meh? Temperature? How to read sial.....
  7. Castrol Power 1 4T (10W40)..........what does the 10W40 means??? Anyone???
  8. Hmmm. It's wolf hiding in sheep's coat...........hahahaha! Hmm. What do you mean? Tell me more, so that i can prevent it from happening!!!!!!! Safety on the line lei !!!!! My friend and I used to be "chopped" there. Damn. Yet my friend was so happy that he got "chopped", and he STILL frequents there. Tampines go yishun do bike, but just dunwan to go Ubi's planet.........
  9. oooo. i get it.... Hmmm. After i changed this EO, the gears with just one little touch, you can easily kick up or down, just one little tap on the gear level................ where did you guys went yest?
  10. yo botak! long time never see you le. yeah lo......what exactly happened?
  11. im down with fever.............gosh..........
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