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  1. ------------------ bro conjurer, love your 900ss, i finally magned to get one myself! after a 3 years wait
  2. ----------- bro thnation/[email protected], nice meeting up with u guys....will wait for my ducati or harley??
  3. hey bro,pls call me at 98192465....interested in getting your vmax.rgds

  4. oh....i just took the beast out on the road and did 160km/h....perfect handling!!! wats your next ride?

  5. just sold off my ride...looking for one now

  6. ----------- "I love big butts and I cannot lie..."...same here!!!
  7. ----- congrats on your new ride?whihc model izit?ciao
  8. ---------- wat's your present ride?ciao
  9. ------------ count me in for the ride.btw where shud we meet up?i am staying in the east...ciao
  10. ------------ I tried to get into the site too but it has died down on me too!
  11. --------------- place advert in straits times this weekend to get a better audience!
  12. shud advsertise in straits time to get a wider audience.
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