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  1. Selling xj6 yamaha 2011. Not gonna renew COE, hence selling cheap. But it's still a beast. Everything is working. Hopfully will pass on to someone that will continue COE for this amazing bike. -Motorcycle is fully paid. -Cheap to maintain, local parts (dont have to buy overseas) -3 Owners -Never been on delivery or race, just to work. -Engine sounds very healthy, mileage is 78000km which is low for a 9 years old. -Just done up on wash, compound, polish, wax and restoration on black trim. -Photos are taken on 30/9/2020 -Parked under shelter Recent maintenance are: 19/7/2020 -Complete fork
  2. Hello, do you have a number where i can contact you at? My Motorcycle's led is faulty, CBR250
  3. Good afternoon, i want to sell my bike but i cannot post new thread.

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