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  1. DM

    we're watching you.

  2. your fork bent backwards? don't quite understand your post but common sense says don't mess with your bike's stock geometry, modding your bike for cosmetics to make it look nice at the expense of practicality is obviously not recommended.
  3. there is already a rant thread in chatterbox section, please rant there, kthx
  4. I have been alerted to a particular troll in this thread. normally i choose to let people settle their differences in a matured manner but should that fail, the ban hammer comes out. btw, clone accounts can be banned by ip, so that will render ALL your accounts invalid. i can read and i know who is the actual troll, no need to p.m me to argue about who is right or wrong. have a nice day fellas
  5. DM

    send me the url

  6. sino74

    its been like 1week plus before you reply...

    its over .. will highlight if there's a necessary.

    cheers !



    ali aka sino74 c;")

  7. DM

    and which post where you referring to?

  8. sino74

    Hi Mr Moderator ,


    Do be mindful in your posting as not to offend any party.

    Hope you understand.

    Cheers !!



    ali aka sino74

  9. areal

    flea fie fo fum..have a happy week ahead! :)

  10. DM


  11. sorry to post this here but i hv no idea where to post this.why suddenly my thread "MECHANIX gloves! various colours~" in garage sales suddenly when missing within few mins? tried to search it but nothin.sumbody must hv deleted it.can u pls clarify this matter.thanks mod~

  12. FOC * 28 Ayer Rajah Crescent * 991 Alexandra Road (scan your IU, no charge) * Acer Building * Adelphi (park @ B5) * Alexandra Technopark * Amara Shopping Centre * AMK Hub (loading bay located opposite mrt tracks. dun enter via normal CP as ground will be wet when raining) * Anchorpoint * Apollo Center (B1 for tenants/ B2 free) * Balestier Plaza * Beauty World Shopping Centre * Big Splash * Boon Siew Building * Botanical Gardens * Bukit Batok Driving Centre * Bukit Panjang Plaza * Bright Centre * Caldecott Hill (Mediacorp) * Carlton Hotel (park @ b2) * Capitol Building * Ce
  13. no no... beside the visitor message theres about me, statistics frends and infraction the came in contace info.... know can i know how and how can erase the infraction..... cos every time i log in to my user cp, ur msg will appear post clocking.... time is expired.

  14. i did not issue you any infraction

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