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  1. Hey ! Coming back go this forum after a long time. Loans from bike shop can really cut you up to 6 to 8% high. Plus got got a lot of "fees" like admin fee, termination fee, drink kopi fee. These fees can otherwise can be used towards paying for your bike but instead its "wasted" on these extra expenses. So rule of thumb will always be to save up as much as you can so most of your money is going to the bikes. But we are not rich but the heart does not listen so how? .. next option is actually to go for personal loan from a bank. This is because the you control the terms and if you mana
  2. still available? if yes please pm the price.thank you
  3. Yah man.k7....I still looking for small bike to swap.Not just coi.but bike swap.

  4. I just sold my bike haha. U riding k7?

  5. U still interested?

  6. How much mthly installment and coe balance?

  7. Hi I have a R125? 4 Stroke, excellant fuel economy. I dont mind meeting up talk abt this if yr free. Thank you!

  8. pls pm me instead,as i dun 1 to get to much attention in my thread and handphone.Then i will only start whatsapp/msg to the person i am most comfortable with.


    Btw,i am only considering 2 swap with 2b 4strokes.bike is not for coi

  9. hi, i don. only went 3-4 times, twice wearing suit. wassup? actually msg me by phone better, i wont be online always

  10. hi bro u track often?

  11. hey can i know how much u bought yr boots for? Thank you!

  12. Hi Bro, let me know if u willing to let go at $50 for the brembo pump thanks!

  13. hey sure next time man where u stay?

  14. U going to pg?? can join?

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