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  1. That sounds great! I love my iron too, just keep wishing for decent handling. You're still on stock springs? What's your approx riding weight? Have you done anything to your shocks? Thanks for the info... Please do give your review once you've put the intiminators in.
  2. Bro thanks for that real useful! Bro, i'm interested to see how good the intiminators are. Please give your review when you can. What spring rate and fork oil combo are you going with? Thanks in advance.
  3. If you have problems finding the right part no. (only for original harley parts) PM me. Can't let them know ALL the loopholes right?
  4. What I do is I google the part no. Then just compare prices among the few US Harley dealers that still have an online store like surdyke, chicago harley, kutter harley etc. You'd be surprised how much cheaper they sell it... Even compared to some of the eBay listings.... Zanotti's used to have some really low prices (for some parts) but now they require you to call before you can make an online purchase.... Lame right? Ok so more secrets out of the bag... Quickly... How do i erase my posts?!?
  5. I bought some original harley parts from a US harley dealer after Harley stopped them from selling to international customers... I just used Vpost, so for delivery you put the US address given by Vpost USA. For payment I registered a paypal account also using the same US address. (yes i lied so that i dont have to pay ridiculous dealer prices) So when you order it will pass the most US sites criteria for a local sale (as in they think you are a US resident purchasing within US) That was at least 3 months ago, dunno whether they've plugged this loop hole yet. But i'm just about to buy a se
  6. Wahaha... My bike misses your bike too.... QUICK buy another one!!!!
  7. Ok tks. I just thought that 1 year for brand new bike a bit short...
  8. I go to Derek at Dstreetcustoms used to be at Syed Alwi Road, but he just shifted to Eunos Technolink in Kaki Bukit. I've also been to Twins performance for servicing before, its located in Enterprisehub along Toh Guan Road East. Had the same prob with my iron. It's just over a year old and i ride everyday (abt 20+km journey). Is this the normal lifespan of the battery?
  9. edit and post as private msg



  10. btw did you get those 1200S shocks off eBay?
  11. TWdude26, i'm interested cos i jus did the touring air shocks swap for the rear and lowered the bike 1". The rear's nice and comfy but the front feels real harsh. Does your mod have the same function as the intiminator that i read about in xlf? It's sounds like a super bang-for-the-buck mod. Any issues if i have the progressive drop-in fork lowering kit installed?
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