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  1. That sounds great! I love my iron too, just keep wishing for decent handling. You're still on stock springs? What's your approx riding weight? Have you done anything to your shocks? Thanks for the info... Please do give your review once you've put the intiminators in.
  2. Bro thanks for that real useful! Bro, i'm interested to see how good the intiminators are. Please give your review when you can. What spring rate and fork oil combo are you going with? Thanks in advance.
  3. Name Jack Wee Mick Teo Teng Desmond Lim Remin
  4. You can try this guy, David @ 8331 3788. He said he charges $50 for harleys but also depends on distance/ time. HD S'pore arranged for my bike to be towed back to Leng Kee today (electrical probs). He was d guy d towing company sent. He like moonlighting so may have to see his timing.
  5. Bro sent you PM. Same here, wish i could join you guys and bring my iron on her maiden voyage. But i have 9 month old twins... Four kids in total. (i can't believe it too, & don't ask me how it happened) Might just be able to get Visa approval for a day trip (God willing) but 3days 2nights at least not for another half to one year. Enjoy and share some pics, stories so that it's like we were there too. Haha
  6. Dunno how much is cheap, but I got this off a thread on tow services. Jason Towing Services: 9616 8867. He charged $50 to tow my sportster from harbour front back to leng kee. He's experienced, fast & no scratches or damage to d bike. But that was 1.5yrs ago dunno whether he's still in biz or charges still the same
  7. Sound volume is not the issue... Because even if these street performance pipes pass emission & sound tests LTA still requires certification. If not we could purchase them from the Harley dealer without worry about fines... And i'm sure the Harley dealer would be exploiting that to push the sale of these pipes (and i'm pretty sure they are not) Which goes back to my question about the LTA webpage... These pipes are designed by Harley for the Harley models specified and should not require LTA approval by their own words. Either they've changed this clause since the release in 2004.... Or they can't interpret their own guidelines?
  8. http://www.harley-davidson.com/en_US/Media/downloads/Genuine_Motor_Accessories/2012_GMA_Catalog/2012-Screamin_Eagle.pdf Based on the above pdf catalog, their Screaming Eagle Street Performance slip ons are 50 state street legal in the US and are EPA stamped. (page 460, 462, 463)
  9. Is your concern that you might have minor "incidents" with your bike as a newbie or because you just want to try it out to see whether you like the bike? Second hand your overall outlay for the bike is less and sometimes if you shop around long and hard enough you might find one with low mileage, in good condition... And with mods that you like. But then you have to be patient. New you pay more but then you have the benefit/ reassurance(?!?) of the warranty & free service. You can also take the bike in the direction that you want with your customising. Either way if you notice the value of Harleys endures... You get 15-20yr old bikes that sometimes sell more than a new one. So you don't have to worry about lugi so much... Unless you need to sell it off urgently.
  10. Haha i 2nd that... But we should start small (or rather short first)... My tires are due soon too, have been doing fishtails too with this wet weather. Agreed its dangerous & should be top priority. I got a quote from Dstreetcustoms around $500+ for avon tires front & back include install. Still shopping around heard Shunfu is cheap... Anyone here have experience?
  11. Dunno heard they anyhow squeeze & cut queue... sometimes handle bar scratch or even worse Maybe ppl just scare me... But it worked, i ain't never thought of going in by myself or small group. But i scare easy.
  12. No more ranting... Sorry about that. This link about exhaust modifications is from the LTA website, but is old from 2004. http://app.lta.gov.sg/corp_new_content.asp?start=59 This is quoted from there: "If you are replacing your vehicle's exhaust system with one that is designed and manufactured by the vehicle manufacturer for your vehicle model, you need not seek LTA's approval" Assuming that the statement is still valid, wouldn't that mean that Screaming Eagle exhausts (street legal ones at least) need not require certification? After all they are manufactured by Harley ("the vehicle manufacturer") and are labelled specific for which models and even years of manufacture. Anyone with street legal Screaming Eagle exhaust that have kena summon by LTA before? Or did everyone just go straight on to SE IIs or 49 states?
  13. Kup kia is fast... I no argue with that. I dunno about factions... I havent been on any group rides yet. I'm keen on anything... But i also have phobia about crossing customs... Heard of horror stories of being swarmed by the mosquitobikes. Someone even told me that the bigger big twins even use the car lanes at customs?!?
  14. Anyways sorry about missing the point... I think its a great idea cos i'm slways looking to trade, buy & sell parts... Can't stop putting stuff on and taking it off. Heh. And i havent been out on group rides yet (nothing more than 3bikes anyway).... But i think it'll be great to ride with other sporties and check out the cool stuff the rest of you have done to your bikes!!!! (i mean forums are all about " poisoning" fellow addicts right?)
  15. Yeah, but if you're talking harleys... I think us sportsters are the sportiest!!!! (pun intended) I dunno about top speed... I backed down when i hit 160km/h after every little curve & bump started to make d front wobble (but i scare easily) But i'm pretty confident that we don't lose out to the big twins in acceleration... Of cos we're not talking about the drag monsters like d vrods & night rods. Anyone can back me up here?
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