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  1. Me, Bluff.... why would i want to?

  2. Hi there,


    Acirain here. How do i join you in We Rule. Have been receiving in game message from u but wonder how to join. Sorry I just play like 4 days.




  3. Brother, Happy Birthday!

  4. Simi la eh! Nw got this function to chat izzit?

  5. Lmy

    dun bluff pple ur age la uncle...

  6. Bro, You all talking abit out of track/Wrong Channel. Pls follow the lining...
  7. Got, it java game. I play on my SE phone. Still can play multiplayer via bluetooth somemore.
  8. I tink mine is abt tat time also...
  9. I also still playing.. Even on handphone also nice.
  10. Simi tiuz... Tiuz... Tiuz... Tiuz....
  11. Bro, price up liao lo. Rm$1.70 wor... Am i rite ???
  12. Swee la, Next time saw u on the road we took a pic den post here!
  13. Haha... ok, will do it later on. Organize to ur event lo. Not an outing la, we met up along the way.
  14. Chinese New Year Eve - 07 Feb 2008 @ Raffles http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i20/zorom/SSR%20Outing%2007%20Feb%2008/SSRRaffles5.jpg http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i20/zorom/SSR%20Outing%2007%20Feb%2008/SSRRaffles4.jpg http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i20/zorom/SSR%20Outing%2007%20Feb%2008/SSRRaffles6.jpg http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i20/zorom/SSR%20Outing%2007%20Feb%2008/SSRRaffles7.jpg
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