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  1. Haha. I manage to changed the bulb but it is a bit hard to get.
  2. Otr 16k. BTW anyone knows how to change the headlight bulb? Require tools?
  3. I am selling my Trax aluminium Black rear box @ $ 300 to upgrade even bigger box. you wanna take over? You can whatsapp me at 9683 5 six six 0
  4. It also depends on other factors to achieve this speed.
  5. I get aorund 120+ for top speed when filled full tank petrol. Hope this gives you the answer.
  6. Do you have any street legal exhaust for Yamaha FZ150 V2.0? Please provide model and include installation price. Thanks!
  7. Haha.. Good for you!
  8. Well I just runned 500km another 500km more then will go for first servicing. Running just as per manual stated. First 500km do not forcefully revved till 4500rpm, which means slowly can hit 4500rpm but try not to constantly stay above 6500rpm for long duration. Another 500km to reach 1000km, within this try not to revved till 6500 forcefully. I think that will be good enough. Btw just ride normal but do not revved too fast.
  9. Selling as rarely wear and used by my wife only. She seldom got chance to use it so I going to downgrade it. Very good condition.. Seeing is believing! Selling @ $400! This Neotec is equipped with slide down sun visor. Very comfortable and superior airflow! SMS me at 96835660.
  10. Well. I bought it from HL. Warranty covers till 6000km only of I am not wrong. I purchased at $13.4k.
  11. Nobody into this thread? Btw I fixed my top box.
  12. Anyone got a good recommendation other than Unique motor to install customize rack for this bike?
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