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  1. After Sep 11 ah? Cos in my mind I thought I remember it was somewhere before. But doesn't matter anyway. SBF is still the local bike forum I go to compare to the rest.
  2. Got a few entrance actually. It's not really legal but hey it's not really illegal anyway. 1)via Tanah Merah Ferry Road Just beside the canal, there's a small opening for you to enter, like a pathway beside the railing 2) There's a opening with a barrier somewhere in the middle of Coastal Coast Road
  3. If it is the one MO over here, then that should be the one which Tankee MO for everyone in the forum recently. I have been enjoying my ride very much! Only disappointment for me is I haven ride up to further north. Probably after marriage.
  4. Windshield is always a problem for tall person. Either get a madstat (tankee selling one) or after windshield or combination or both.
  5. @swat. I am inquiring for my fren who is riding AT. He doesn't enter forum cos he's working 13 hours plus daily? Are you still selling your side rack? Any of you guys also selling the box? Please msg me at 93370678. Thanks.
  6. Don't speak too soon..For all you know it, you will hit 200 km/h. 190 Km/h max for me on the Wee.
  7. Custom made garments or Tailor made garments.Custom fit garments look cool and very attractive when you are in a function,party or in a racing mode.Made to measure fashion and racing apparel give a confidence to the rider and all who uses custom fitting.


  8. Hi Bro, is your SW Motech Rack still available?

  9. Hi Bro, I got 2 questions to ask.


    1) How much would it cost for V strom 650 Mesh Radiator?

    2) How much for Race Shield for my bike.


  10. Hi Gargantua, I met khaitronic last night and ya he was saying that you are letting go your stuff. Yours seems like a good deal. Can I reserved first? or you selling at first come first serve? I saw khai rack he also using Sw rack. Pretty impressive. Any other accessories you are letting go?

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