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  1. Hi fellow sw riders, I have the clock reset problem which it resets to 1.00 everytime I turn on ignition. Checked the fuse but apparently not issues. Can recommend any workshop to check? My silverwing year of manufacture is 2001. Can the hagon shocks for FJS400 2009 fit? http://www.wemoto.com/bikes/honda/fjs_400_silverwing_a9_d9/09/
  2. hi mod kindly close and lock this thread as issue has been resolved.
  3. Hi mod, kindly close and lock this thread as issue has been resolve. thank you.
  4. within the handicap lot is a bike parking lot which i'd parked my bike in it. it is an official parking lot for motorcycle. i didn't managed to and i dont think i ever will.. sigh.. a pity that my car park is electronic parking system.. i mentioned that i'd parked in a parking lot in the handicapped lot.. maybe my command of the language is poor.. let me re-iterate, there is a parking lot just next to the handicap lot... ! thank you brother for speaking up for me.. i've since abandoned parking at that lot as a lot of bikers around our area h
  5. I highly doubt they have the time to wax.. though they are trained by the professionals, but still they aren't really professional. As this is a "CHARITY BIKE WASH" it will be difficult for them to "wax your bike" as that will lead to a domino effect.. imagine other bikers see this.. and then they start requesting it as well.. then wouldn't it be very chaotic.. hope you understand bro Enjoy the events happening tomorrow.. bring your bike to jb after the event for a nice and thorough waxing at less than $20 SGD by the professionals.. isn't it better
  6. $8 is not a lot .. given the kind of situation you're in.. the bike shop could have told you that the hole cannot be mended and request you to change your tires and this always happens.. In future, if your bike is not in a serious condition, go back to your trusted mechanic/bike shop to prevent yourself from being cheated or over-charged by bike shops!
  7. seriously i think this bike shop is quite nice to allow 3 mths of default payment.. if its for other shops.. 3 weeks they will have ur bike tolled!
  8. if dgapz really closed down.. then what happens to those who had previously bought their unlimited wash package? i bet those people are bombarding rudy's phone everyday!
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