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  1. anyone who has this to help out? A nice kopi will be traded for it
  2. anyone knows how to reset the service interval indicator without going to Mah Motors? to get rid of the ''wrench/spanner' logo on the meter?
  3. Ahh thanks. Hope to fit into budget 14
  4. Anyone know the current prices for tmax530? Enquired HL but no replies yet.ballpark figure will do..thanks!
  5. just fyi. just did servicing (s4 spec 2) at hou heng (3rd shop from entry to AGL). very good workmanship. changed eo fully synthetic, oil filter, sparkplugs, flush coolant for 240 ringgit. they throw in lubing down my chains and set the rear wheels nicely too. there might be cheaper alternatives elsewhere but this one seem to be the no-nonsense and no cheat money type. highly recommended.
  6. hi im a noob s4 rider. just got a spec II this afternoon. ive been in gileras for the past 8 yrs or so and totally been out of the manual gear bikes. anyway cruising at 90km/h and the rpm is abt 6k is this normal? just need a quick gauge here, thnx very much. :s
  7. GIVI E30TN from Hock Guan @ JB. RM125. but there's also a limited edition Italia color scheme on the reflector part for just 10ringgit more. so i got that one
  8. wah thats not good news. ok thnx for your info. saved me a trip to jb for nothing. xp Azmil rempit
  9. hi, quick question. (noob to the max here) i tried searching the whole forum but couldnt get a confirmed answer. Is there any shop in AhGua lane that full services gilera vxr? the usual roller, belt etc change? can point me to the right shop? really need some help here. Thanks in advance. :):)
  10. well that's a good price for a complete servicing. and the balance is enough for a new battery (mine's pretty worn out) and new set of tyres. shiok!
  11. hi, need a bit of help. my 05 vxr has been lying around in my mscp for about 3 months. i need to do a major service. its fully stock. is there a general rough amount i need to set aside for this. will $500 be enough? and can anyone recommend a workshop? thanks.
  12. what happened to mike bikerescue? he changed numbers or doing something else altogether??
  13. Just wanted to say that Mike from Bike Rescue is highly recommended from me. Had the easiest of time booking him to pick up my sick bike all the way up on a 4th floor MCP @ CCK and send it to the surgeons at Tai Hin two days ago on Monday. Rates are still the same as the above posts. nice one, mike!
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