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  1. Hi NC, thanks for the offer, but drop bar is way too aggressive for me
  2. Anyone knows where i can get 7/8" M bars and Napoleon bar end mirrors in Singapore? Or is ebay the only option?
  3. check out the official Ducati site ... there's a movie announcing a new StreetFighter to be unveiled next week. Chances are its a naked bike with the 1098 engine... but it will NOT be a Monster..
  4. New 2008 Monster 696 was unveiled at the Milan fair .... very nice !!! check it out at ducati.com. website is experiencing heavy traffic now though
  5. Thanks Despairmonster900, will check out these places. Would have liked Termis, but like you said - can't afford to pay the price
  6. Hi May I know which shops carries the GPR & arrow pipes? For the termis - they come with an airbox & ECU rite?
  7. Pro Dero : yup, that's the bike. how's your experience with excel?? thanks!
  8. Hi, wanna do a quick check, got an offer for a m400 FP8251 at $4.5k (including 10 yr COE, excludes insurance & transfer fee) from bike shop. would appreciate any comments on price and/or history of this bike.... thanks!
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