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  1. Hi boss u selling parts for spark on fb? Cant find u in fb...

  2. if youre looking for spark and x1r part, drop by to my page



    do like my page


    we mostly sell spark135 parts and x1r


    interested pm me at [email protected]

  3. H tirana spark items still available? Any pic on the yss suspension and gold swingarm?

  4. Hi is the spark coverset avai?

  5. Hi bro spark decal available? Whatsapp me pic @93351630.thanks

  6. hi bro i cant vieew the pic on coverset. Is it whole coverset? Can w.a me at 93351630 ty.

  7. Text me at 98711153

  8. Hi is the sp carb still available? Is it ori or local?

  9. Hi rabbit how r u? U still selling spark coverset? Full coverset?

  10. Hi u wanna sell ur battlax front tire? Wats size u using for the front? Is it for 17 inch rim?? Cause looking for used front tire battlax...

  11. Bro u srmtill have the koso meter? Or the stock krr meter?

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