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  1. this year no big bike fest or national bikers' weekend?
  2. nope. i was on vlcc for my kadetship. no bonds.
  3. wow. quite a number of NOL guys here =)
  4. raphael

    RIOT's Den

    simple and elegant. one of the better looking 'cruiser' mod for phantoms. as for the wheels size which has been commented, nothing can be done. the bike comes this way. there's a limit you can mod with small cc bikes. you can change a slightly bigger 140 rear tyre. to get a better mod, i have to agree upgrading is the better choice, the frame is there.
  5. saw a stock phantom with ultra high apehanger
  6. electrical cables for apehangers are done by joining another long wires to match your apes. clutch and throttle cable can also be extended by joining, provided the guy knows how to do it. other wise you need to custom made, try asking madman for it. breakhose no choice but to custom made.
  7. raphael

    RIOT's Den

    great. would be looking forward to the end product. is that going to be your 1st 2b cruiser project?
  8. did u receive my sms regarding exhaust pipe which u msged me earlier on?
  9. owned: http://th01.deviantart.com/fs30/300W/i/2008/116/2/e/MK_Vs_DCU_WTF_by_Kapalsky.jpg
  10. the result of fighting with a non human... http://www.mobygames.com/images/shots/original/1084821561-00.png
  11. MK sure owns DC heroes as they are non-human fighters..
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