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  1. WTS: Honda CB400 Super 4 https://sg.carousell.com/p/honda-super-4-vtec-2-for-sale-192506320/?ref=profile&ref_referrer=%2Fbrian.wong.31105%2F&ref_sId=309716 - COE till 12 Dec 2022 - Inspection done on Jun 2018 - Road Tax till Dec 2018 - New black paintwork - Excellent engine condition - Well maintained and regular services at Planet Motors can ask Ah Chong. - Used only fully synthetic oil and high graded spark plugs - Almost new front tyre and rear tyre - Flushed coolant with Engine Ice coolant - Brembo brake pads - Comes with almost new (can hold 2 helmets) Kappa Box, me
  2. its always a problem wearing gloves due to the wear and tear
  3. I think thers a shop at woodlands that sells it for a resonable price cant post here the link as its forbbideen i guess
  4. I suggest any brand with a capacity for 2 helmets is best
  5. I voted for a box..buts its ugly to mount one on any bike imho
  6. I m wondering any peeps her maintain their Super 4 Bike by themselves ? would like to learn how to
  7. I removed my battery but my charger doesnt charge it full? can advise why ?
  8. Hi bros..where to buy the high temperature black paint? as also which one is permanent? as most of the versions doesn't last
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