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  1. Yes, Lee Huat will work or else .. Tong Aik at Short Street ...
  2. Guys where do you recommend i do proper tyre fitting and balancing - with the weights clipped on in the middle of the rim. I dont want the stuck on with sticky tape type. Appreciate your advice. Thanks.
  3. Late reply .. but u may wishto visit Tong Aik and ask Mr Wee for his opinion ...
  4. We just rode up to Malacca ... a few guys actually did Myanmar with the GoldWingers 2 weeks ago ... Next ride will be our annual to Fraser's Hill or perhaps Penang .. depends on the majority.
  5. Short ride to Malacca next and then to Indo on hired bikes ...
  6. Hello tim ... tks for your msg. Just to let you know, I have offers but will let it go for $28K cash ... if the price is ok, do contact me at 91296193. Tks.

  7. Anyone know where I can get this grade of oil in semi-synthetic? Not mineral or fully synthetic. Motul supposed to bring in but it has been delayed. Thanks.
  8. Some pics of our recent adventures, courtesy of Jess on the "Vespa".
  9. We are going to Mersing for Lunch. Date : June 21, 2008 Meetup : West Coast McDonald's Time : 8:00am Confirmed your trip by placing your names below: 01. lenny (singhla) 02. Hann 03. dainese (Eric) 04. Fweddy (pendin) 05. Randy (pending) 06. Chris (GT1000) 07. Jess Will be joining you guys this Sat with my friend, Jess. Be nice to her guys.
  10. Guys, Chris here (GT). Nice meeting you guys last Sunday ... sorry about leaving abruptly. Realli not keen sending a few hrs washing my bike!
  11. Yes ... most likely same time/place tomorrow. Unless the weather decides otherwise ...
  12. Will be meeting in front of the Tuas cash card top-up booth today at 1800hrs. Please join us!
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