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  1. Locally you can look for agent for GIVI & hepco and becker. For stock, will be Hong Leong.
  2. Upppppppppz Registration date : June 2017. Mileage : 1.5K Miles Scoot come with a Ermax Hugger PRICE: 25.8K One owner Accident free Interested parties pls watspp/contact 9387 1987
  3. http://pic20.picturetrail.com/VOL1409/6331730/12290258/413792311.jpg
  4. http://pic20.picturetrail.com/VOL1409/6331730/12290258/413792311.jpg
  5. http://pic20.picturetrail.com/VOL1409/6331730/12290258/413792312.jpg
  6. http://pic20.picturetrail.com/VOL1409/6331730/12290258/413792313.jpg
  7. Registration date : June 2017. Mileage : 1.5K Miles Scoot come with a Ermax Hugger PRICE: 25.8K Interested parties pls watspp/contact 9387 1987
  8. swoosh


    Reaching our shores soon ? http://www.motorcycle.com/mini-features/eicma-2017-2018-lambretta-v-special.html
  9. I did few runs testing my eps mscp and then memorised the position of the IU. Put a welco sticker to it so that the Iu maintained that position. Did the same to my 08 and 13 models also no issues. Oh yah, I now riding a DX . Sure, I have an account with them right now. I can help you to order if you want but u need another order to save on freight.
  10. I got the huggers from them 2 weeks ago. Orders in twos for the huggers will get the lowest freight (46 Euros ). 160+46= 206 euros for 2 huggers.
  11. hahaha.. sorry my description skills sucks ...
  12. No IU issues for my dx, as long it is placed horizontally at the compartment.
  13. Black as indicated in the title of the sale. No base plate
  14. so far from 2008 till 2017 HL has been bringing Tmax with MPH display... very irritating . If you want to change to KM has to pay ard 600dr more
  15. Brand new still in Box Comes with GIVI E158 Backrest Passenger backrest also brand new.
  16. I have replied you via SMS will call you later.

  17. Is not as though NTUC is the mother of all insurance companies in Singapore lol My 1L Kawaii bike premuim is almost the same as my non Kawaii Cl2 maxi scooter. From this, it confirmed insurance companies specialise and have preferences for the brand of bikes they would like to cover.
  18. where does it say have to ride to KL...? read again lah but I think suzy Agent also troublesome...
  19. yup! owned a verys before. Basically Kawasaki in Malaysia is very well represented. Most shops get the parts from KL Glenmarie Industrial Park, Shah Alam, they have a big inventory of parts there . Motomatic is a reputable shop there when it comes to servicing kawa bikes. They could be just another authorised distributor.
  20. Now Kawaii bike have the best support in terms of parts. Of course i am not referring to the local agent. You can easily obtain them up north. If u buy PI just have to worry about recall issues. But I am sure the shop will tell you np before u buy .... so do your research and decide yrself so far only there recall for Concourse, none for Versys or Z1000
  21. nothing wrong ..you get to sell the bike at your price and if the bike shop can sell higher then they pocket the difference. They also will get the benefits by providing finance to the next owner. Like any seller, you must do due diligence and be sure that the shop is able to pay you .
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