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  1. Eason.... reservior.... illegal tho.... some place legal. eg. kranji/seletar... but the places with good chances is off-limits lolz so........ the rest i leave it up to ur imaginations.
  2. StaN

    Honda ST1300

    i put mine in the right hand compartment.... it fits just nicely n out of sight.
  3. Fat and Juicy home made tim sum at reasonable price. Thanks to Wayne Udomin for bringing us there..
  4. ahhhh.... that's aftermarket. i was thinking stock. so was wondering which model was it that signal lights on ST pannier box.
  5. guess the goal did not work out might be due to the character of the FALCON being a soliditary bird. but then history is acheived nevertheless.... 40 over Falcons at 1 place.... priceless.
  6. ç¥ä½ æ–°å¹´å¿«ä¹, 你笑å£å¸¸é–‹, 你身体å¥åº·, 你財æºæ»¾æ»¾, 你万事如æ„, 你好我好,世界更好。:cheers:

  7. Hi,

    There's a meeting at vista point tonite(28/08/09)?



  8. u like this thread down? kiddo.... u have no right in whatsoever to get the mod to close it down... flame somemore n create more prob u will be the 1 to go... so passby n get out.... if u r stirring ****... if wanna have discussion some friendly jesting u r welcome... i can quote u n no one will say i am immature.... mess like evo mentioned.... takes 2 hands to clap n seems like now u r 1 of them....
  9. things have quiet down n i am trying very hard to cool things off so pls dun stir any ****..... i am starting to get pissed...... i am n will not give a damm which direction u r coming from.... making statements like that abt new bird old bird n bullying... dun help but create more conflicts n friction.... u want to see unitity better know when not to open that GAP..... if shits hits the ceiling fan in here. i'll make sure some will gets onto U.... pls do post responsibly.... help host down the fire instead of fanning it... i am old bird n i am now shooting u .... wanna sit down n ko
  10. Rebby

    back together again~~ hope all goes well after this..

  11. Lao Da Stan,





    接ç€ä¸€ç¢—é¢ï¼Œå¥½è¿è·Ÿåœ¨ä½ åŽé¢ã€‚






    亲爱的朋å‹ï¼Œ ç¥ä½ å…ƒå®µèŠ‚å¿«ä¹ã€‚

  12. I am SORRY to disappoint you, for there will not be any apology of any sort from me. If there is, it will be from other forum members. Like i said appreciated only I have been taking verbal abuse, and holding back until now. No doubt the question was asked in jest, but I didn't know that it was an immoral and beastly act, to ask the organisor to make sure there will not be any unpleasant surpise in the menu. Like the China Zoo. again like i said ur question in jest is not tasteful to everyone n like i've mentioned the resturant is a seafood restaurant nowhere near the santuary By
  13. Hot... ? nah.... just voicing out my POV... n the others theirs just certain topics more sensitive.. best be tactful...
  14. They have experience MINDERS there to make sure the dogs dun misbehaves. Mr. Silent Hunter. I'd like to extend the invitation of the NANAS vist to u,so as u can come n see for yourself how the animals r treated or if they rbeing cooked or if they behaves like jealous women n etc... at the same time maybe u cld give them(the volunteers) advise abt how to handle the puppies n dogs so as the small 1s wun get bitten n the aldult dogs dun behaves like jealous women. Just a word Mr. Silent Hunter.. your dark humour is craked at the wrong place at the wrong time. as most of these people going h
  15. u have just offended a lot of animals lover... good luck lol...
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