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  1. My bike was almost 2 yrs when I bought it. And I rode it for almost a yr already. Hence I think the clutch disc shld reach its life span already. Anyway the mechanic told me that I need to change it after he test ride my bike. I am now counting down to the day when I can register for class 2A....Less than a week till the day!!!
  2. The round headlight. Mine is a black colour 2008 model.
  3. I have been riding this bike for nearly a year. It is really a good bike. I only replaced the clutch disc due to wear and tear. 10 more days and I will be able to register for class 2A!!!!!
  4. Maybe that guy already know abt it and pretend that he never hear......haha. Who wants to get into trouble with the law anyway?
  5. RXZ, can u explain wat is S compound and P compound. Its very alien to me....haha. So wat advantage of S compound tires over the P compound? I thinking of changing my tyres......
  6. What I mean is the car mirror. It never drop....or else my heart will really drop. haha.
  7. Where is motoworld? I been to Wing Yap Amk branch, does the main branch has even more stuffs?
  8. Are those mods only strictly for race use? Is it approved and legal? I am interested in the mod at the rear brakes.
  9. I sugguest u call Hong Leong and ask abt the price. We can't really give u the current price of this bike as the amt we spent on getting this bike is gonna be different. The machine price of this bike is rougly abt $5k, go call Hong Leong to ask for the ACTUAL price. Btw I know there is a motor shop that is well known to be selling many types of bike accessories. However I can't remember the name....Its sounds like motorworld. Anyone can help me with this?
  10. Today while squeezing between lanes at a traffic stop, my bike handle bar accidentally hit a car side mirror out of position. Luckily it never drop.....omg!
  11. Btw r all caberg helmet models not psb approved?
  12. To all Fz150i riders, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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