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  1. This is for Motor car insurance... For motorbike.. the satistics shld be different but still uptrend...
  2. And if you really buy a ferrari and crash it within the first year.. AIG will replace the whole car for you. At a excess of $600. That will be the max you need to pay. Been there done that. Crash a Latio before. Full car replacement with only $600.
  3. Insurance co. will pay the total loss of the vehicle. But is the total loss acceptable to the rental co? Insurance co will value it at market value. Rental co. might took a 10 yr loan without downpayment. So they might make a loss upon getting it at market value. It is the loss that thye might be asking ur friend to top up. Max excess is 5k. So as to get cheaper premium. It should be stated in the contract the excess he needs to pay in case of accident. The difference betwen the market value and loan by the rental co. shld not be paid by your co.
  4. hi is your ta200 still available?

  5. They do have a system to check. Not sure why they nv check in Tuas. But my relatives all kena... that was in late 1990s.. All at causeway
  6. Dun do pte settlement next time. Dun trust pples. Claim from insurance. Confirm will get $$$. Is only how much.
  7. SELLING Model & Colour: Phantom 200 Grey Colour Mileage: Overhaul the engine in sept/oct 2008. So strictly speaking, only 10km. Plate No: FV **28 Y Exterior: 8/10 Performance: 8/10 Latest examination date : 21 Oct 2009 (just done examination) Engine: 9/10 (No problems for me so far) Price: SGD$1128.00. View to offer. Payment : Full Cash Road Tax expiry date: 30 April 2010 (renewed not long ago) COE expiry date: Nov 2011 No. of owner: 3 Other Accessories:45 litre Givi box with Givi brakelight installed + Big bar engine guards/crash bar installled View Bike: Holland, Ghim Moh, Town Condition: good (just serviced 2 days before my renewal of road tax) Remarks 1) Directly bought from previous owner 2) Always serviced every 2000 km to make sure that the bike in safe driving condition Reason for Selling: Under-utilised. Park in a car-park. Only used for short distance. Warm up every 2-3 days. Last but not least is the constant reminder by wife.. Can be contacted at 8282 9665 or email at [email protected] Seldom log in nowadays.
  8. your 65 cents very big? per hr or per day?
  9. Hi, I am looking for rearbox for my TA200. The size is... minimun put 2 helmets. The bigger the better. PM me the size and the photo. Can send sms to me too. 8 2 8 2 9 6 6 5. I am currently in overseas. Only sms. No calls.
  10. How many months of installments are owed before they do such a thing? 1, 2 or 3 months? If they missed the deadline by a few days.. such actions are too much. If a few months.. and despite reminders... it is justifiable.
  11. The insurance is not do-able lahz.. got the date of purchase too... Maybe can mention abt trying the bike so that u want to buy.. but u already bought a new bike.. so tis excuse cannot work.. but u can mention that u nv put the p-plate cos u dun have the intention to ride for long distance more on trying the bike.. if they charge u on the p-plate.. u can say that at least it shows that u dun have the intention to ride for long dist..
  12. if u read properly.. the police already been called in .. and he shld be charged by now..
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