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  1. All bikes can reach Thailand. Only 2 things matter. The will of the rider and the condition of the bike..
  2. bro, how about you share with us on your mounting methods for the S10 handguards?? So that potential buyers will know what needs to be done in order to fix the handguards nicely..
  3. bro, any oil can be used to lube the chain because oil itself is a form of lubricant. It only matters that different oil is made for different purposes. its ok to use EO for chain lube but keep in mind that it does not stick well to chains and tends to fling when the bike moves. its because the oil reacts to the heat on the chain and sprockets. as for used EO, its best that you do proper filtration first to remove any metal bits and also any foreign impurities. all these stuff will eat the rubber rings in your chain and cause premature wearing.
  4. Bro, what road tires are you using?
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