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  2. hi bro,

    We are selling helmet zeus, and our location in malaysia..


    Kindly see our facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/kedaihelmetonline

    EMAIL : [email protected]

  3. Nice....the Fusion is similier with vertigo ... vertigo better is the back feet can be adjust...i got abit fatty ..tht why i need the adjustable back feet function....
  4. some model got waterproof....but the price will be diffirent ...
  5. EN... this is low cut boots...but think for daiily is ok ...
  6. This model ?? How much you bought ?? http://www.clothingsupermarket.co.uk/acatalog/alpinestars_smx3-wht_lrg.gif
  7. So bro did your know where got SMX5 for sale ? the price is ??
  8. I email checked on few shop ... like Chiap Lee TCX SS-Sport SGD 230 http://images.motorcycle-superstore.com/ProductImages/OG/2009_TCX_SS_Sport_Racing_Boot.jpg TCX S-Race Air SGD 320 http://www.psndealer.com/powersportsdlr/images/ec0464/426-00440.jpg MotorWorld SPIDI XP3- no stock ..damn bad http://www.btosports.com/Merchant2/graphics/00000007/SPIDI-XP-3-BOOT.jpg OXFORD R9 SGD 250 http://2wheeljunkie.co.uk/images/uploads/Oxford%20Clothing/r9.jpg Chong AIk SIDI FUSION SGD 260 http://vcustoms.co.uk/cmsimages/27468Sidi20Fusion_BlackWhite20copy.jpg SIDI VERTIGO
  9. oh...ok ...end of this mth i 'll go motor world , regina , chong aik ...see see... for SIDI Vertigo user ..this boots is it ok ...rm340 quota from chong aik ..
  10. wow...Thanks bro... to help ....if got time i wanna go and visit it....
  11. no one can help me ?? SIDI vertigo compare with XPD XP-3 which better ???
  12. did you have kawasaki ER6F frame slider ?? what is the price...
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