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  1. https://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/310547-My-2B-journey
  2. hi bro, im buying a steed soon. possible to help me out by viewing the bike together with me? i have little knowledge on steed.

  3. Veil

    Harley Riders gather

    Hi guys, i passed my 2A on Nov 2012 and soon got myself a Steed on Dec. I swear, never once did it cross my mind to be on a cruiser but after riding a small vtwin for nearly 2 months, i'm now a hopeless convert! I didn't know that a cruiser can be this much fun! Weeks ago, i spotted a low-slung matt black harley with a double barrel pipe on its right side somewhere near ikea. I don't what model was that but hell! That's the best modern looking harley i've ever seen! I found my answer when i read thru the latest issue of MCA. It's a Night Rod Special. Damned! This bike is sweet! It's l
  4. Hahaha! U certainly had good pillion fun! Dun wori abt any car-bike accident in circuit. At bbdc, ntuc income covers us. So feel free to let any car "bang" u. Next "fall off" bike gracefully. Hold onto ur "painfully injured" part. Roll on the spot, cry like a wussy. Show them some serious wayang. Then claim the hell out of it. Aft tat, go drk n celebrate. Tat uncle goin for his 5th 2.01 at 7.20pm today. I joinin him as a SP. C u there! Good luck for ur RTE!
  5. Nice meetin u too! On ur next prac, use the good old pee-ing whistle. U wil find tat it gives u a timed rhythm to follow. No harm, can try. Staring at Mr Plank is like staring at an angry dog. The more u stare, the more it wants to pull u down. No eye contact. Simply act bochap towards it. I goin for a SP on Wed 19th Jan. Either the 5.10pm or 7.20pm slot. Text me if u can make it for either session.
  6. Malay girl goin to retake her 2.01 tonite at 7.20pm. Tat uncle can't book any slot today but we wil go down to bbdc ard 6pm to cheer for her. Pm me if u wan to meet up.
  7. U wil get ur 1st pillion riding in 5.01. Juz ride thru the circuit. No timings or faults wil b taken. Wobbled(but not too much) oso nvm as long as u dun fall. Try to joke wif ur partner. Be confident in ur skills n show it off safely. *Correction: Pillion riding wil occur in 4.02.
  8. @kllee: Sad to say, my help is very much limited. In the circuit, i can always ride beside them but when it comes to the emotions inside them, they reali muz conquer it alone. I kept tellin them Sg got so many P-plates, youngsters a lot, uncles n aunties even more. Soon, we wil b one of them so nv giv up. When is ur next prac? Mayb u n ur wife can meet us up at bbdc.
  9. 2nd Self Practice(100mins): $12.20(Off-peak) DONE! 5.10pm. During my 1.01, a young malay girl n a cheerful chinese uncle were beside me n we've clicked since then. Yes, my true first friends at bbdc. We booked lessons together, smoked together, makan together n joked together. Its good friendship. Today, they r repeating 2.01 for their 3rd time. Prior to tat, they had some problem struggling at 1.02(4 times) n 1.03(4 times). Can c tat they r feelin dejected n on the verge of givin up. Other encouragement, i booked tis same session SP so tat i can ride beside them n give them my support. *Sadl
  10. @nomad_mcv: Thks! Hope my 2B journey can be used as a rough guide for future learners. Yes, SP is better! I might be "qualified" to ride independently on the circuit but i kept remindin myslf tat i stil got areas to improve. Wat u said is true. The same instructor for my 3.02 gave me some more tips during my e-brakes. Bonus!
  11. 1st Self Practice(100mins): $14.34(Peak) DONE! 11.30am. Self practice aka SP is juz liked a circuit revision practice. Except tat i'm totally on my own. No need instructor to supervise liao. And its 50% cheaper too! I shud b able to take my TP, either by end Feb or early Mar b. So tis SP wun be my last... Enrolment Fee: $47.08 Basic Theory Lessons: $8.03 x 2 = $16.06(Exempted) Riding Theory Lessons: $8.03 x 2 = $16.06(Exempted) Riding Theory Practices: $10.70 Riding Theory Evaluation: $5.35 Riding Theory Test: $6.00 Circuit Practicals: $258.32 Circuit Revisions: $91.60 Self
  12. 4th Circuit Revision(100mins): $22.90(Off-peak) DONE! 7.30am. I will b taking my circuit test(5.02) after this revision. Time is of the essence, of chicken. How true! I found myself riding faster n faster trying to squeeze out as many practice rounds as possible before my session time's up. No major screwed ups or corked ups. After 4 revisions n fighting my fear... I'm ready. Practical 5.02(100mins): $22.90(Off-peak) PASSED! 11.30am. Kind weather, cloudy n windy. Today muz pass the circuit evaluation with less than 12 demerit points. 1 round of warm up n the test began... I made it back
  13. Dun b dejected when there is a need to repeat a prac. First, suppress ur emotions, analysis the mistakes then tink of how to counter it. Failure is actually productive. In fact, a few time of fails is better as it makes u stronger in the long run. If u nv fail at all, u wil nv noe wats wrg or take the neccessary steps to correct it. Can tel me whether u spot the car by mirror or blindspot check? U lane change at where?
  14. Fellow drivers, this parking lot is allocated exclusively for your sufferings, joys(if any) and complaints. 1998-2000, i'm with HQ 8 SAB as a nsf. Every mth at least 2 out-field trip to area D. Go there until sian. Cls one eye oso noe which track leads to where. Very siong! But the unit super welfare to all so i dun mind serving my ass off. 2000-2010, nsmen of 54 SAB. The ict experience there? Wat more can i say? All the usual reservist BS loh. Eng eng go canteen breaks. If not, play chor dai di. Sleepy? Find a gd spot to knock out. Now rod liao. Kinda missin the steering wheels...
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