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  1. We hope everyone has benefitted and gained something from this event. Great thanks to all participants, new & old members, clubs, teams and many others And yes, Kmax, i was one of those who shout for re-draw Enjoy yr new ride !
  2. A great thank you to all the games challenge participants. The good news for all those that took up our anniversary challenge is that, all those that had participated and completed in today's challenge are all qualified to round 2 which essentially equates to a guaranteed prize ( pls scroll up to 1st thread to see what im actually referring to ) Come to round 3 (where the bigger prizes awaits) then the elimination process starts ... Kindly be on time and looking forward to see the 33 of you guys tomorrow at our booth.
  3. RIP my fellow comrade

  4. i dunno what has this thread got to do in CB400 forum , but i just like to add, u r their regular for 6yrs, shldnt u be one of the more familiar customers in that particular motor shop , to look out for such potential "mishap" ?
  5. Since you have the nicks/people with u, i would suggest u do a listing down on nicks and people who are interested to group together for the new model. Eg. 1. Nick / (estimated date of purchase) 2. 3.
  6. i thought there use to be user's IP posted below their nick .. that's a quick way to identify clones eh ?
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