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  1. U wear, photo and post it here to let us c lor
  2. Dun need to fix bamboo lar.. bamboo old school liao. Juz ride w/o anything. Can go 300+km/h.
  3. Tat's explain our great minds thinks alike
  4. My is 200. In present life style in sg, 10~14 days pump 12L... he
  5. My can goes up to 130 but i maintain at 110~120. achieved 390km for 12.2lt NSH only. Yes it's value for $ although it's a 2B PS: try eat more and grow fat fat to offset
  6. My old school, no EFI no HID(yet). Juz a point to point uncle bike although tested her to KL b4 hehe Somehow I got a feeling that there will be a diversion-sym trip after mctan is back
  7. When u get one, we go 400-400 for the fish hehehe
  8. She's FZ1S with full touring setup and after market exhust. I think kevin make the correct decision to go for givi instead of the orginal panniers w full side fairing(fews $K+++ into her). Had once consider her but giveup becozs of she is chain driven and too x for me.
  9. Have but very x... My pocket very shadow
  10. Hmmm looks good! Temping but still looking for a cheap air cool shaft driven bike.
  11. We meditate we dun speed No, riding my 2b sym in sg roads again
  12. Yes, owning a divvy was my happiest moment in my riding history Also old one gone, new one come although currently is juz a 2B cycle. Will think of upgrade when times & $$ permit.... I also in mid life crissis Maybe riding is deep inside my heart.
  13. Never knw ur in ur mid age liao.... how times fly since we 1st met Yes... I miss those durain trips where we tapou until our boxes are full of them; makan trip where some1 eat until vomit during riding; the 4040s, the 2020s.... thoes are some very nice long lost experiance to me. In life, there r time where we'll need to give up sometin tat we love and move on to find new ones. Cherish wat u hv now is the best way of motivate urself working towards ur future target. Till we meet again.... best wishes! PS: nvr knw we ride e same brand............. again
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