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  1. Hi washing maching available? 98449985. Thanks

  2. How much u selling? My contact 85181780. Thks

  3. yes, still have

  4. Hi bro,u still hv yhe pipes bo? Can reply me? Thks

  5. the price is $250 right. then that's the price I want to sell...I am busy recently so seldom check the forum. Sorry...

  6. Wow.....bro......took u so long to reply huh? hahaha

    so how much u selling?

  7. yes, still have the original pipe for CBR954rr...

  8. Sou still hv the pipe? thks

  9. Oh.....din know u selling so many pipes....hahaha

    It's 03 CBR954rr full system original Exhaust pipe.

    U still hv it? Thks

  10. which pipes, selling too many things, pls be specific

  11. Hi bro, ur ex pipe still hv? My contact 85181780. Thks

  12. Sorry but I don't understand what that thing is? how to use it to scare off those tailgaters??? Curious...
  13. Hi Chao Chao, I would love to go out with Fuocos...Let me know if you finalized...
  14. May I know the address for this Global Motor? Want to pay them a visit someday...
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