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  1. Hi All

    I wonder if there is any company or bike shop that can help me import my bike into Singapore. I have been relocated for some time now, and I might be back soon; hence I want to import my baby..bike back to SG ... she is currently 2yr 3mth and only gone thru cosmetic mods except for the exhaust system (that I have the stock kept) 

    Should I consider selling and buy a new one here in SG? I did consider for some time, but I don't have any loan on my bike now, and selling it would hit me with a significant loss as I could only get like 25% of the value, and the same motorcycle cost a bomb in SG.

    I could do this myself, but I will not be able to be back before the three years is up, and I will miss that window. 

    I hope someone can help direct me to a company or bike shop that can do this, I have checked with Loois, but they don't do this anymore :(

    any help will be much appreciated, thanks 

  2. Can someone help me to give me the number or location of the Kawa dealer in JB ?

    I need to get turn lights spares la , thanks :)


    Btw if anyone interested in buy a 2008 Versys , good conditions odo less then 30k with H&B rack

    & top box and other goodies selling for 10k flat ..do pm me ... Thanks or SMS me at 93361055 .. Urgent sale la .. Owner overseas for long time liao...

  3. just wondering where did u all get parts for versy frm? doin some research abt tis bike actually.


    actually you can get all the parts (major parts) from loois ... they have good support for the bike .. but if you want faster you can go to JB before angsana and order it yourself ... i seriously cannot remember the name of the place so sorry maybe the other can help...


    anyway it is a great bike to ride ... small light and agile.. yet having the power ... but if you want go above 190km/hr every where then may not be the bike for this style... but have no problem keeping up with the big boys ;) and beautiful fuel consumption ;)

  4. i guess what O'ren wrote make sense ... i never had spare part problem but then again i don't expect the bike to show issues within the first 2 years of riding this good bike.


    but i do change a couple of wear and tear items in JB at the Kawa dealer, the stuff are cheaper and no "spare part problem" issue ... i was told that major part in stock will be in JB in 24hrs and if the parts is very major and not in stock ..1 week from japan... i think thats kinda good.


    anyway Loois never had problem of not having the usual consumables..like filters etc. they always got it in stock ... and at all this time i never set foot at Evershine for anything.


    anyway i just thinking of letting go my baby as i been overseas for the past 2.5 years and maybe add another 2 more years, some might have pm me so sorry no reply as i not log in to SBF for sooo long hahaha.... if there is any Versys Group outing will love to join when i back for holiday ;)


    see you all guys !!!

  5. been a long time since i log in here ... hello guys!!!

    just wondering when i was looking at Snell's selling price .. is that the price a 2nd hand versys is fetching for nowadays?

    cos i don't have as much aftermarket as his ..what do you think is a good price if i intend to let go of my versys?


    thanks dudes!!!!

  6. hi i've been using a PRO-Taper ATV Hi-Bend handlebar for my Versys- the bolts are no problem, but what ur mech/tech might be trying to say is that the Versys stock bolts are unique and cannot accept Fatbar handlebars - only 7/8 inch bars. also you might want to take note of the slack for the clutch n brake cables.


    btw, any trustworthy folks out there interested in C.O.I my Versys? my loss ur gain. full-on accessories including SW-Motech panniers and rack, customised Versys flatfoot for side stand, Scottoiler, Pro-Taper ATV bars, Hepco crashbars, Ermax windscreen, customised side mirror extenders and original BMW grips.


    Mileage is ard 38000 km. Registered in year 2008. Balance of $15k left.


    Drop me a PM thx!



    You selling????

    wah all sell i think it is time for me to chang bike also :) hehehehe

  7. sorry i just now just read your pm ,,,,, have not long it for ages .


    well i got my parts mostly by 2 working days.... got it from JB ... if big part problem takes 1 week from japan ..


    i couldnt find the card but i know where it is , it is near angsana in JB



  8. Hi all,I went to Looi's and Mr Lee quoted me $18k OTR for the Versys.I'm 29. And I found out from Evershine the machine price is $15.2k....$18k - $15.2k = $2.8k for insurance,road tax n COE???? I wonder how the calculation goes....


    someone selling his versys ..adiriot contact him la ..good condition got extras one

  9. hahhaa meetup even rarer ahhahahahah

    i knowwwww very very rare like raw fish hahaha


    so want to organnize first meet up ?


    i suggest we do a bike wash meet up at gelang patah how?

    go GP , wash bike talk **** sing song then pump then go home?


    10th Jan Morning ? or 10 Jan night ?


    what say you ?

  10. wow soooooo happening here now :)

    welcome guys to this humble tread:)


    swoosh .. kaozie ... so who is the guy who say the GTR key is like "puting" that be suck on hehehe . i have to say the GTR is a beauty ...but i still in love with my Green Shreak once i ot of love you can sell me your bike lah heheh forum member price can?


    Swoosh ... yah loh i see lots of last min stuff the guys at loois doing to your bike ... so what other mods you going to add.. i am thinking of doing a group order to get a rental 16 teeth sproket for the front so can actually utilize the 1st gear if not it is to short la ..


    so now i guess i have to share the green limelight with another deserving versys heheheh if see me anywhere do say hi/wave/nod/go batam ..opps i mean smile ..


    i next week going HK liao for 3 weeks .. later i come back go lim kopi ah mai ?


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