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  1. VISION - R JACK ST White Blue Red size L can quote me the price too?
  2. Can u guys help me to order the specific model of Shark Helmets?
  3. ANy promotion for Shark full face range helmets size L ?? and whats the price of Vision R and Race-R range?
  4. BARACUDA LED Tail Light + Rear Spoiler for Ducati Monster for sale...anyone interested? http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=290854
  5. Hi guys selling off my BARACUDA LED Tail Light + Rear Spoiler for Ducati Monster totally new. Nver install on bike before. PM me to view it~! http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?p=6449584#post6449584
  6. Hi to all Ducatista.... I am looking a a rear seat cowl for M695 red in color. any suggestion where i got get one with cheaper price? i reckon the ones minerva sell is abt 400 dollars. i can find cheaper ones on ebay but couldnt find one in red. pls advise...thanx
  7. go minerva n check the records....
  8. hi guys~! anyone knows whether a bitubo cross mount damper for Monster S4Rs Testastretta fits a monster 695? i know that a DP one fits onto most monster. Looking other alternatives. Thanx.
  9. Hi guys~! does anyone know whether a Bitubo cross mount steering damper for Monster S4Rs Testastretta fits onto a monster695? the ones from DP does fit to most of the monsters universally.
  10. Ducati Performance Polished Seat Cowl does it come with screws and bracket?
  11. Hi coolcat~!..Arrows has high mount slip ons for 620 ..check with biketech21 isit street legal..
  12. The New Strada is out~! http://www.multistrada.ducati.com/jspmulti/index.jsp
  13. bro, you mind calling or msging me back @ 90276267 - thomas. keen on your agv man :)

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