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  1. Yes, in stock at both our workshop

  2. Hi, any stock for 150/7013 diablo scooter at toh guan branch?


    please pm me thanks

  3. Hi, can you share a bit more on the condition, handling and history of your 650gs?


    Any reason why the mileage is only 17K +?


    Is the bike a v-twin?



  4. hi bro can you email to my email

    [email protected]

  5. For those who are riding 05/06 models, does anyone experience transmission issue? example; under hard acceleration, it seems to slip out of gear for a second and then back into gear right away.
  6. http://www.picturesky.com/albums/userpics/10129/normal_DSCN8477.JPG
  7. used to cost $150 inlcuding installation 2.5years back It's worth e investment, prolong ur chain life
  8. can get it at motoworld for $175 including installation
  9. they dun have speed limit on e rd i doubt e way they track our speed too (TP not speed cam) :mad:
  10. he's talking abt Duke S4 not M4.. http://www.onyerbike.net/images/ducati2003/s4.jpg 916cc superbike engine
  11. http://wwwsvc01.ninja.ev1.bikepics.net/pics/ducati-ss1000-03-bikepics-060259.jpg http://wwwsvc01.ninja.ev1.bikepics.net/pics/ducati-ss1000-03-bikepics-060261.jpg
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