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  1. Heloo .... Hafizellicious .....just curious u buyin HD Sportster 883 or 1200 custom ? How much u pay for it ?
  2. HDDUDE ...... You've got your Harley Road King already bro ? CIAO
  3. FORUM USER ....... That is awesome airbrush dude ...... hmmm cool flames
  4. HI GUYS..... HDDUDE >>>> It's uncommon for non muslim here in Singapore to say dat .... dats why i was wondering .... no worries bro . Regarding of unable to upload probably the file is too big....maybe you need to reduce the size . CIAO
  5. HDDUDE ...... Congrats bro ..... soon you will ride .... a HARLEY ! wat a feelin .. CIAO
  6. EASYRIDER ..... NIce lookin bike bro ....
  7. Seem to misplaced the address ...... if if find it ...will post the add . CIAO
  8. Hi forum user..... There's a shop called SUNBURST at ANG MO KIO ...they do custom painting . Another shop is at TAI SENG call GANSO ....they specialise in custom painting....and their work is superb . Btw wat HD are u riding ? CIAO
  9. HI Guys..... Stumble upon dis Silver Dyna Glide at SUNHOG . 5 yrs old ... Shop asking for $ 19500 . Just to let you guys know if anyone interested . CIAO
  10. HDDUDE >>>> Are you free 2day ? Im going down to HD showroom at arnd 11 am . Care to join me ..... I think im not goin to get the ROADKING ... it's all yours HDDude but i think you better book the bike and put some kind of deposit for it if you really want coz i think it's a hot bike wif low milage . Here's my mobile no 81133195 . Call me if you want to come down and i can meet u there . Btw i will get the DYNA SUPER GLIDE CUSTOMS .....probably in MAY as the sales person told me only then the new shipment will be in . CIAO
  11. Here is another pic of a ROAD KING CLASSIC dat im considering to get . 02 model ... sellin for $30000 .
  12. HI GUYS ..... HDDUDE >>>> Good luck on your class 2 bike test .... Guys ..... attach here is the ROAD KING FP plate dat the owner askin for $ 15000 . Need to re-chrome some parts .... front tyre have to change but i do like the strect teardrop tank ad also the paintwork . Wat do you guys think ? CIAO
  13. EASYRIDERS >>>> How much did u bought your ROAD KING bro .... is it brand new when you got it ..... i try to get some pics of the ROAD KING dat im interested to buy and post it here . HDDUDE >>>> Which model HD are you riding now bro ?
  14. HDDUDE >>>> I mean the bike registration no . is FP xxxx . COE left 2 yrs ....expire in 2007 . Just wondering is it a good investment ? CIAO
  15. Hi guys,,,,, Just want some of your opinions..... Is $ 15000 1997 FP plate ROAD KING worth buying ? How about the DYNA GLIDE SPORTS CUSTOM ...... is it a good buy ? Thanks in advance for any reply . CIAO
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