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  1. Hi,

    Willing to offer S$400 for the watch. Let me know if you willing to let go at that price

  2. this claypot rice?? http://ieatishootipost.sg/2010/08/kedai-makan-kee-kim-huat-i-wanna-be.html#more
  3. taman sentosa massage? must be naughty stuffs la
  4. 46 years old needs another kinda massage....with lotsa bubbles!
  5. The Myroad 700i has better leg room. And it is SW400 price. That's why I was telling all to have a look.
  6. Yup...compared to SW, it lost out to the sitting posture, leg room, vibration, pilliom foot pegs. It win on the FC, looks, torque(maybe? cos I was riding SW600 which gives very good pick up as well)
  7. Fusionjaz, welcome to the club! Did you buy from MS?
  8. Bike OTR approx $12k Why dun you call them up to check on min payment? Instead of people plucking numbers for you here. Likewise for insurance. All depends on what coverage, your age, your riding experince etc. Road tax $86 per year for 300i
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