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  1. Hi, I would like to sell off a Desley Luggage bought today 17 Oct 2016 at $269. It was for a coming holiday but my wife bought another luggage as well!! Now storeroom no place. Very light huge bag weigh only 3.6kg. Expandable. 4 wheels. TSA lock. Super secure double zip. 2 years warranty. Totally brand new wth all labeling, packing still Intact. Wheels are clean as I carried home not rolled. Selling $200 Interested please PM May view with no obligation at Bukit Batok Central S650621
  2. I've not invested for long time.....
  3. Hi,

    Willing to offer S$400 for the watch. Let me know if you willing to let go at that price

  4. Hi bro throttle!! How's life?
  5. Buy from agent Motorsports. Maybe we should get together and ask for more freebies or even discount. I am thinking of getting a DT350
  6. Selling my mint condition 10/10 Apple Watch. Worn twice only indoors. Just like new. Selling $500. Warranty till 01 Feb 2017. Full box and accessories. Careful owner. Fast deal
  7. Viewing avail this weekend. Brand new bike just completed run in. New number plate. Just like getting a new bike except it is one year old soon. Selling as it is severely under used.
  8. I've the above B200 scooter to sell off. Immaculate condition. We'll maintain. Properly run in. Current mileage 6000+km always parked in sheltered car park. Just completed very careful run in. Totally problems free, drop free, accident free. Paintwork like new. Serviced with Motul engine oil. Entirely stock condition with zero modification except IU and top box. Selling only $12200. COE was $6512 You will get a brand new number during transfer. As per a new bike. Viewing at Bukit Batok. PM to discuss or view. Thanks
  9. Who told you that? Utter nonsense. More like he trying to clear his semi synth oil stocks
  10. I was riding DT300. Now own a B200. Size and under seat DT is better. Same for power. The B200 is weak in terms of the transmission for pick up from low speed. But once settled on high speed above 80kmh, it is pretty alright. B200 FC is 34km per liter avg. I was getting this with my DT300 anyway. Maintainance costs almost same with Suzuki slight cheaper. Eg Oil filter cost $15 for Kymco but B200 only $7 both from agent. However serving at Guan Hoe Suzuki is terrible pricing. Very ex. For new bikes. Kymco give free 2 servicing. And all free. Suzuki gives you free service but you pay oil and it costs $48. More ex than normal oil change outside. I am thinking of selling my April 15 registered B200. Immaculate condition like new. Champagne gold. Drop free and properly run in at 5000km now always sheltered car park. PM me if keen.
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