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  1. how it works?


    Water pump -BGM PRO- universal, 12V, flow rate 8l/min

    item number BGM6300

    Water pump -BGM PRO- universal, 12V, flow rate 8l/min

    Water pump BGM PRO Universal, 12V, delivery rate 8l/min.

    For serious sprinting ambitions a MUST HAVE. The external water pump is far superior to the mechanical operated standard ones. The mechanical driven devices are much to accident-sensitive when revving higher than 14.000 rpm. Additionally they are restricting the power output. A complete different story are the BGM Pro water pump. Electronically driven you can use the full potential of your engine and you are winner in terms of reliability!

    The body as well as the paddle wheel are CNC machined. The needed power input has to be 12V. The connection diameter for the tubes is 15mm.

  2. may i know what color is ur NRG rim?

  3. yes. letting go at $150 with the hoop tires (75% left)

  4. Bro how much u selling ur nrg wheel?

  5. . : SCTR ATCK : . For the enthusiast only!

  6. hey we are all brothers... wats there to quarrel abt? Anyway things can all be sort out in a proper way not in this childish matter. So peace aite'
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