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  1. which TD hopefully will not bump into our CSM
  2. ok on i help hanzi keep candys busy
  3. confirm is havin fun with the OL liao :smooch:
  4. yah loh yah loh still remember he jaywalkin with his wife almost kana knock down by me
  5. ok...we're goin back to the chalet liao...see u some other days.... thanks for comin last night...
  6. chey...i tot u got caught for being one of the monkeys there in ur van... :sian: eh...dont be so bad....at least they got one box of CARLSBERG~~~~ only~
  7. :eek: aiya..H is nxt to G only ma...very near only.. looks like u did ur studies too.... ren min bi doesnt worth so much..so only book 2 day 1 night..... :lol: wa lao...the mess they left was idiot lo..when i went to slp i still scared they all throw to our side ar...
  8. nxt door the bunch of ppl who is using ren min bi check out in the afternoon le... :lol::lol: perhaps Car Park G is not a bad choice too... P.S : if i remember correctly..that car park is a HOT SPOT for MONKEYS
  9. hahahahaha.... not frm 2nd floor to 1st floor??? den after tat sua place to the beach???
  10. den i will still say..who_noe ask wad position u all using and the chalet got collapsed anot... :sweat:
  11. haha...dono eh...mayb ltr i help u ask them??? hopefully they will clear up the mess.... :eek: i'll say tat is i help who_noe ask one..
  12. :D coz now not at chalet..left hanzi and candyys there enjoyin the whole hse...
  13. bui bui~~~~~~ ah fai~~~~~~~ where the photos for last night????? y so slow????? :mad: -xiaozhu-
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