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  1. anyone recently replace battery? care to share where to buy at a gd price?
  2. any more inputs for the small amount? bike production only doing high amount for refinance. Damn headache.
  3. any recommendation for box as mine is damaged.
  4. where is ah wee??? miss Mimi ask me come in cc look look
  5. any lobang for seat wrapping and mirror guys ? price check for mirror $60 a pair seat wrapping $55 is it consider cheap ? pls pm me if u have great deal. hardly can find info on such things. could someone help open a new thread for price check ? *mirror is those adjustable mirror rectangle shape 1 matt black with clear mirror / blue mirror seat wrapping just normal 1
  6. send to those helmet shop tell auntie to "edit" her helmet with more cushion kinda dangerous to wear loose helmet especially when high speed can feel helmet is flying
  7. buy a small size and fit in more cushion from those helmet shop
  8. anyone has any idea regarding on the rectangle side mirror need any special screw or anything to pair up ? was told that the size is diff cos 1 is size 12 another is size 14
  9. have the correct attitude and mindset, u should do well with all these within urself when going for lesson
  10. ps3 and LV coming soon, courtesy from zhihong lol
  11. of cos is u la big boss wanna hire me or not i waiting for u very long liao
  12. best solution cancel off gprs service which i did dat this is the most safest foolproof solution
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