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  1. Ups, 40k major servicing just done. New battery as well.
  2. 2012 model registered 2013. Coe till 2023 Quickshifter. Launch, Abs, Wheelie & Traction control Arrow slip on Brembo rcs19 Rizoma brake reservoir Rizoma lever guard R&g sliders and engine case Tank and tail sliders Puig bubble (smoke) Single seater & original seat New tyres rosso ii oct2016 New brake pads sept 2016 Original tail tidy will be given. New sticker decal, very unique. Cnc racing footrest. Selling at 16000, negotiable. Contact 83994821 for more details.
  3. since i reach class 2, most the bikes i ride all i have to tip toe and ride. no worries. small issue.. you look cooler anw.. hahaha only problem is when you park, you have to alight and push... thats what i do anw.
  4. get s4. cb400x is underpower.. kena block on the highway by cb400x a few times while in a hurry lane splitting. i can feel that they are trying their best to speed up, but there is only so much you expect from cb400x. FC wise a normal super4 spec 3 can do an average of 300km full tank at a constant speed (not top speed of cause) Only reason why you shld conside a cb400x is if you want to go touring. than again, a normal s4 also can install box and windshield as well
  5. You're not making sense.. No agent so what? doesnt mean parts are not in production what. Nonsense.
  6. with or without abs, it really depends on the rider's skills and habits on handling the brakes. suspension setup also plays a part. If a rider not use to abs, it would feel as dangerous to him as a rider being used to abs riding a non abs bike.
  7. 37 motoring, Ah Seng. Located at yishun area
  8. imho, doesnt matter cruiser, sports or what bike. if you're considering to upgrade, just get a cheap reliable bike for your 2B. eg (spark/ x1r) you shld find the basics of riding, handling, and maintaining all ard the same if you put your heart to learn what is needed for a bike.
  9. Brand new bike? if yes, you might want to bring back to agent (Hong Leong) for warranty or bring back your bikeshop that your purchase from. if no, you still might want to bring back to your bike shop and justify. Do a self-diagnose, few things to take note: is the kill-switch on?? (Red color switch on your right handlebar) make sure its on. if you have a vote meter, does it have enough voltage? when you star your bike, does it crank? if yes, does the crank sounds weak or normal? if no, you might want to check and see if youre on Neutral gear.
  10. Hi guys, I've been looking around the forum and a lot of places but can't find much on hand review of the local rides. Would really help if any of you guys that is riding one to give a bit experience of the new model as well as any issues to be aware of this model(:
  11. Hi guys. Considering getting an r1'15 model. Is there any major problem from the bike that I shld be aware about?? Is it worth getting or shld wait for next batch??
  12. Upps. Price reduced 2.7k for full cash buyer. Anw carb just serviced forgot to include.
  13. Upps. Bike has to go, if not cannot buy new bike..
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