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  1. Hi Shahid, pretty much confirm on the 25 to 27 june , if everything fine. Need to take a day of leave on friday
  2. Hi, a couple of us ride up to JB almost every weekend for dinner and coffee. Be glad if you could join us. I am riding a Sportster as well, XR 1200. as for this weekend, you be a good father ... and I have a friend who never ride past the causeway as well, but he will be joining us for this trip. So you let me know if you are keen in the cameron highland trip k.
  3. I am planning a trip up to Cameron highland in last week of June. Anyone interested ?
  4. Anyone have a sato frame slider on his/her XR 1200?
  5. Hi guys, anyone interested in doing a trip up to Cameron Highland end June?
  6. Hi guys, any one interested in doing a trip to Cameron highland in end June?
  7. Hi there, anyone going to Pasir Gudang next weekend? I have never been there, hope there is a group going and I can tag along. Steven, XR 1200
  8. Its a nice looking bike ... not sharing. I meet another friendly sportster at CTE exit moulmein road last sat. Just wanna say hi if he is in this forum.
  9. XR 1200 not a good ride? thinking of changing bike already?
  10. Another XR 1200 on the road as of yesterday. see you guys around. I am loving it.
  11. Thanks Mak , any regret or complain so far that you wanna share about xr 1200?
  12. Hi Mak, you are a xr 1200 rider.. how is your ride? how would you compare to ducati monster?
  13. Any XR 1200 rider here? given the $$$ will you guy choose to ride xr 1200?
  14. Hi HD Lover, I wish to get some view on the XR 1200. What are you guys view on this new sport bike?
  15. I heard that the vibration from the enginee make the mirror pretty redundent. very blury. Is this true?
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