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  1. is your tailboard still have?

  2. bro how much u letting go ur cowl set for ?

  3. what other details do you need? drop me a message. thank you.

  4. R u selling ur r15? How much is it and any other details?

  5. hi bro, sorry about the inbox been full. i just clear it. do pm me again. thank you.

  6. hi bro,


    ur mailbox is full, i can't pm you the details for your garmin wrap



  7. I'm looking for stock foot rest! Anyone who change theirs to racing but still keep the stock parts please contact me at 9758 4222.
  8. filter and spark plug (if necessary)
  9. Is there any brother out there who still keep their stock foot rest? I'm in need of it!
  10. this guy do angel eye: http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/290505-lt-CMO-gt-Angel-Eye-For-SPARKS-HONDA-(SP)-And-Super-Bright-LED-MO-Section
  11. how's the feeling? looking forward to more approval pipe
  12. Which side do you need i have left side
  13. I remember he post a sales for that alarm.
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