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  1. neo how cum selling ya bike??? upgrade issit? hehe
  2. yup wanna get a dke.... see my budget man.. gonna go back to school...
  3. i just got an italian bike too.......!!!!!! a VESPA heeheheh. downgrade for the moment while waiting to get my 2a license n bike....
  4. for my case my carb was out of it setting cos i accidentally ran over a pothole. maybe u hould check ya setting??? just a thought
  5. this wet weather also make my bike sick,bu shes all rite now........ its been raining badly this past few days. take care u guys out there
  6. this place been quiet this few days... all in new yr mood huh hehe
  7. ya dad young at heart... cool... im 22 u riding mito huh??
  8. anyway wondering how ol r u all huh??
  9. wait for me ,wait for me!!! next tp 25/01 hehehehe
  10. yea its quite cheap so it be easier for us to get it.... imagine the depriciation is low, dont think can afford.
  11. tat was u 2 ah???? hehehe coolness i only saw ya bike past by,never see u all walk
  12. saw one monster and one cagiva look-like-monster at al ameen at bukit timah just now.... very nice man... donno wat model the cagiva,dont look like a planet to me
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