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  1. hi bro. i was in kota tinggi today and i guess i missed ur msg.


    my number is 90214385 fufu.


    and if u guys have fb page do inv me in thanks.

  2. dun fancy going johore with bat14!

    we got some meetup dis afternoon?

    game enough?

    yr mobile?

    details?see my write up on ducati s'pore facebook.


  3. fufu

    Yamaha YZF R1ders

    some pics to share from my bb.
  4. fufu

    Yamaha YZF R1ders

    sure armpit but tell me in advance hor haha
  5. fufu

    Yamaha YZF R1ders

    mr guru u wasted so many ppl wan to meet u never come.. u damn popular lo! and we went motogp on track lo u never come !!
  6. fufu

    Yamaha YZF R1ders

    wats wrong with ur bike? i already taken my bike since my major repair urs still in workshop? wat happen?
  7. fufu

    Yamaha YZF R1ders

    be sure to noe how to come! lol
  8. fufu

    Yamaha YZF R1ders

    no leon is not maxbg he is traitor!!! haha jkjk dun angry hor leon.. dun blow me if not i wet...
  9. omg bro! i can totally feel ur heart pain..... worst its a fren who bang it... super duper lan lan feeling... omg i heart pain for ur zx10r too
  10. fufu

    Yamaha YZF R1ders

    pls do that hor u coming traitor?
  11. fufu

    Yamaha YZF R1ders

    bro this is minor only.. u shld see my legs... they say wear jeans because... they cannot withstand "hotness" :lol
  12. fufu

    Yamaha YZF R1ders

    no wonder u sell away! haha j/k j/k
  13. fufu

    Yamaha YZF R1ders

    y so gan jiong take? u friday not coming? i tot u not only 1 bike ma even if ur r1 in workshop
  14. fufu

    Yamaha YZF R1ders

    80 plus for the seat crowl anything above 90 dun buy its super cheap now adays
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