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  1. coe exp ?where to view ?pic.

  2. Hi Kenshi, came across your post in the scooter section and just thought if you could support our team in Scooter Narcotics. We are resellers of many major brands in Scooter Tuning accessories and performance parts. And will soon partake in servicing of Maxi-Scooters, your kind support will be very much appreciated as our page is rapidly growing. With up to 150 scooter enthusiast within 3 days of our page setup and a fast pace environment for discussions and FAQ's.


    Do visit our Facebook page @ http://www.facebook.com/scooternnarcotics


    If you have further enquiries, do not hesitate to call reach us at [email protected] or call us @ 83667566



  3. is semi-syn eo good enuf for our pulsar? need to change eo soon, due to budget saw lab sell mobil semi -syn for 10.
  4. Hi kenshii1777

    My contact is 9815 7331.


    Can I know the price, and some pics n if interested, where to view?


    I ride a Forza but Will keep it as it's in super duper condition.



    Johnson Ong

  5. hmm looking for 4.5 like tat,paper value ard 3k liao

  6. intersted in your volt meter. have left you a pm. please contact me soon. Thanks

  7. Hi all, anyone know where can get the cheapest re-wrapped service for bike seat? Is a sym scooter 180cc. Roughly wat will be the price? Please comment and advice me the location and price. Thanks all
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